June 21, 2024


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Flying with Seat Belt On

This is my longest flight experience in my life. This is my flying experience from Kuala Lumpur to Lima Peru with layover at Amsterdam. It is 13 hours flight from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam with five hours layover before another 13 hours flight from Amsterdam to Lima Peru. Total flying time is 26 hours and I was with seat belt on.

seatbelt on

This is just a gentle reminder post as accident happens to Singapore Airlines flight yesterday. Yes, the Singapore Airlines Flight SQ321 from London to Singapore. Severe turbulence hits the plane and it drops 6,000 feet within 3 minutes. That is 33 feet drop each second! Sadly, one passenger passed away (due to heart attack) while 30 injuries among the passengers.

The severe turbulence happens during breakfast service and it happens without warning. I understand some people might unbuckle their seat belt during meal times and with this incident, you might reconsider it.

klm to amsterdam

I was a frequent traveler before COVID and I flew once or twice a month on average. I buckle my seat belt the moment I sat on my seat. I made it a habit and I make sure my family do the same thing.

Maybe I watched too many horror airplane movies or read to many turbulences stories, seat belt is always on. I loosen the seat belt so I feel relax.

seat belt on

For newbie or travelers, please pun your seat belt on. It will save your life and same goes to drivers who is hates putting on seat belt. Please make it a habit! We would like to wish the passengers of Singapore Airlines SQ321 get well soon and speedy recovery! Take care and travel safe.

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