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Samsung S24 Ultra AI Powered Smartphone

Time for the full honest review of Samsung S24 Ultra after few months of using this AI powered smartphone. Samsung’s Galaxy S series has long been a titan in the smartphone arena, and the S24 Ultra is no exception. This feature-packed powerhouse boasts cutting-edge specs and innovative features, but is it all worth the hype? Let’s dive in and explore the S24 Ultra’s strengths and weaknesses to help you decide.

s24 ultra

Please do take note that that I have been using Samsung Galaxy S Series since S4 and the previous phone that I have is S22 Ultra. I am very familiar with the Samsung eco system and this review will solely base on my experience.

A Familiar Design with a Noteworthy Twist

The S24 Ultra ditches the straight-edged design of its predecessor, opting for a curved display reminiscent of the beloved Galaxy Note series. This, coupled with the ultra-narrow bezels, creates a truly immersive viewing experience. The signature Samsung display quality remains unmatched, offering a vibrant 3120×1440 resolution (Quad HD) and a smooth 120Hz refresh rate.

s24 ultra hoi an river
Photo looks perfect on screen and on 32″ monitor

The design is similar but it offers more grip. Due to the slight change of design, it feels easier to hold the phone and it feels lighter (which is not).

Powerhouse Performance

Under the hood, the S24 Ultra packs a punch. The Qualcomm-powered Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, specifically designed for AI tasks, promises blazing-fast performance for everything from demanding games to complex photo editing.

s24 ultra hoi an
Full day of usage and going strong

To be honest, there is some issue of the performance but it is not due to the smartphone but the slow connection by the telco. I believe this is a common issue among smartphone users and the lagging of the internet is caused by telco especially on 4G speed.

Galaxy AI  Powering Everyday Interactions

Samsung has dubbed the S24 series’ AI suite “Galaxy AI,” and it weaves its way into nearly every aspect of the phone’s functionality. From communication to content creation, AI is designed to make your mobile experience smoother and more efficient.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Smarter Communication: Real-time translation during phone calls and text messages removes language barriers. Imagine having seamless conversations with anyone in the world, regardless of language! This is important when you are calling people overseas so you don’t lost in translation.
  • Creative Powerhouse: The Pro-Visual Engine with Generative Edit utilizes AI to enhance photos. Want to remove an unwanted object from your picture or add a touch of slow-motion magic to your videos? The S24 Ultra puts these capabilities at your fingertips.
s24 ai 2
AI Powered Generative Edit
  • AI-powered Google: This distinctive feature enables you to swiftly search the internet for items of interest in an image or text without changing applications or typing out your search query. Simply use your finger or an S-pen to encircle the item or text of interest, and it will automatically trigger a search. This feature functions on all applications that permit screen capture.
WhatsApp Image 2024-06-30 at 20.47.43_524f0122
AI powered Google Search at Finger Tip
  • AI-powered Productivity: The Galaxy S24 Ultra can summarize web pages and rewrite text messages, saving you time and effort. Once you start to use AI, you won’t be stopping for sure. You never know how AI can save your time on daily basis.

Camera Innovations

Samsung continues to push the boundaries of smartphone photography with the S24 Ultra. The upgraded camera system boasts a new 50-megapixel 5x telephoto lens, promising exceptional zoom capabilities and stunning detail even in low-light conditions. The phone also features Samsung’s latest “Generative AI Edit” technology, allowing users to edit photos in remarkable ways, like expanding the frame or removing unwanted objects.

s24 ultra buddha hand
Awesome landscape photos

While the AI Photo tools is almost perfect in removing and moving objects in the photo, one of the key take away of Samsung S24 Ultra is the new 5x telephoto lens / 5x Portrait mode.

s24 ultra portrait 5x
Portrait Mode as its best

It is one of the most interesting upgrade and the most used feature for me. I have been taking quite a number of photos using the 5x Portrait mode and the high contract and bokeh effect of the photos impressed me.

s24 ultra moon 1x
Full moon in Vietnam
s24 ultra moon 30x
s24 ultra moon 100x

In case you are wondering, the Samsung S24 Ultra is still taking awesome photos of the moon in 100x zoom. What I can say is, it gets better with this AI powered smartphone.

s24 ultra beach
Normal view
s24 ultra beach zoom
100x Zoom

I find the 30x zoom photos are better in quality compare to S22 Ultra. Sometimes I will take random zoom photos for fun and it didn’t disappoint.

The camera and photo quality of Samsung S24 Ultra is still one of the best in the market and that makes why this AI powered smartphone is sought after Android phone.

Battery Powerhouse

The Samsung S24 Ultra comes with Battery Capacity of 5000 mAh. This is not just numbers but it actually works perfectly when traveling.

While traveling in Vietnam last week, I have been constantly using the smartphone to take many photos and videos including posting on social media as well as taking lots of time using many apps.

s24 ultra hoi an night
Its better for night shots

To my surprise, the Samsung S24 Ultra battery can last the entire day after the multitasking. The best part is it allows supercharging and it takes around an hour for full charge of 100%.

This means I don’t need to carry heavy powerbank to supercharge the phone on my travels. The phone also do not overheat or having heating issue during multitasking.

The Verdict: Is it Right for You?

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is undoubtedly a top-of-the-line smartphone with a lot to offer. The powerful processor, innovative camera features, and S Pen support make it a compelling choice for power users and content creators.

However, the premium price tag might deter some. Additionally, the lack of significant upgrades in screen resolution compared to the S23 Ultra might leave some wanting more.

s24 ultra front camera
Front camera is sharp and clear

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your needs and budget. If you’re looking for the absolute best in mobile technology and are a heavy photo/video user or a die-hard S Pen fan, the S24 Ultra is a worthy upgrade. However, if you’re on a budget or find the S23 Ultra sufficient, you might be better off waiting for the next generation.

For your information, all my previous Samsung smartphones are in working conditions as I passed it down for my kids to use it.

Whether the S24 Ultra is a true pioneer is a matter of perspective. However, there’s no denying that it represents a significant leap in the integration of AI features on a mainstream smartphone. With its impressive capabilities, the S24 Ultra offers a glimpse into a future where AI assistants seamlessly enhance our mobile lives.

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