June 22, 2024


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Thailand Border Overtime Fees

Ever planned a trip to Thailand only to encounter talk of “overtime fees” at the border? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. While it might sound intimidating, these fees are actually a practical matter for budget-conscious travelers. Here’s the scoop on Thailand border overtime fees:

thailand sadao immigration

What are they?

These are not official government fees, but rather a service charge levied by immigration officers who process your entry outside of regular working hours. Think of it like paying extra for late-night convenience at a convenience store.

Are they official?

The Thai government officially abolished the practice of “tea money” – unofficial payments to expedite border crossings – in 2017. However, the overtime fee system emerged as a more transparent alternative.

How much are they?

The exact amount can vary depending on the border crossing and the time of day. It’s generally a small fee, often around 25 baht for vehicle owners and 5 baht extra per passenger.

thailand sadao immigration overtime fees

By understanding Thailand border overtime fees, you can avoid confusion and ensure a smooth entry into the Land of Smiles. Remember, it’s a small price to pay for quicker processing and see you in Thailand. This is just a quick recap of Thailand Border Overtime Fees.

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