Assam Laksa @ Jusco Mid Valley

Assam Laksa @ Jusco Mid Valley

Every time when we passed by Jusco Mid Valley top floor, we were often given free smell of their fragrant Assam Laksa paste. Personally, I’ve been there quite a number of times as Rachel is a Assam Laksa lover.

I wanted to have the “nasi pulut” but it was sold out even before dinner time. So I ordered nasi lemak instead. Well, the rice was a bit soft. Sambal and chicken was good though. Overall, it was quite decent. Chicken not too spicy, portion was good as well.

Rachel ordered their infamous Assam Laksa. The paste was good. Thick and fragrant. Together with onions, cucumbers and pineapples mixed together, it made a good assam laksa.

The food in this cafe generally was good. On top of that, it was rather cheap comparing with other food outlets in Mid Valley. A meal should cost less than RM 10 with drinks. Recommendable place for assam laksa lovers!

Level 2 (in Jusco Mid Valley)