March 22, 2023

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Quarter Chicken at Dave’s Deli

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I had a lunch in Dave’s Deli with Hitomi G weeks ago at Subang Parade. It has been a while since my last Dave’s Deli visit.

Let me tell you a story about my history with Dave’s Deli. My family loved Dave’s Deli when they opened their outlet in One Utama. My dad used to drive us all the way from Cheras to One Utama for Dave’s Deli. Like father like son, “gung-ho!!”

Years later, Dave’s Deli began to expand. From there, their food quality dropped. Don’t hate me for saying this, its the truth. Price went up, food quality dropped.

Hitomi ordered Fish and Chips. It was ordinary.

I ordered their infamous 1/4 chicken. I used to loved it so much. It was so good back then. But this time around, they failed me…. again. The mashed potato was good but the chicken was disappointing. They chicken came a bit cold and the chicken was quite small in size. I was speechless and….

I was disheartened.

Subang Parade

2 thoughts on “Quarter Chicken at Dave’s Deli

  1. i love dave’s deli too, but haven’t had it for long time… i think they have a guarantee saisfied else money returned or something…

  2. I’m unsure about that though… I really loved to dine there in the past.

    Well, maybe now it will take me a while to go back there again.

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