February 5, 2023

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Choco-licious @ Theobroma Chocolate Lounge (Jan 09)

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It was a temptation, probably too hard to resist. Like most people, I loved chocolates. As I’m “aging” I starting to prefer darker chocolates. Its good for the heart.

Rachel ordered a hot Ms. Coco. It was an indeed hot lovely delicious hot chocolate! The chocolate flakes on top will melt together with the hot chocolate, when sipped slowly. Drink slowly will create a lovely choco-licious feelings. However, size is a bit small though (just couldn’t get enough of it). Drink was good.

Well, I prefer my Princess of Iceland. This was really good. Imagine ice chocolate with chocolate ice cream topping with choco powder and additional choco syrup. It was so so so choco-licious. I prefer this more than the hot Ms. Coco (personal preference).

The amazing thing about Rachel was she can still salvaged more chocolates after the choco drinks we had. Maybe it was her chocolate rush or she just can’t get her mind off the cakes!

We ordered a Choc Espresso Cake and we did finish the cake. The cake was good as well. After the choco “supper”, we had to walk a bit, too much choco in the body.

I enjoy the drinks and the cake there BUT choices were limited. Price was okay, around RM 10 for a drink. Service was good, place was clean.

Lot C4.05.02, Level 4,
Tel: 03-2143 4349

3 thoughts on “Choco-licious @ Theobroma Chocolate Lounge (Jan 09)

  1. OMG! those chocolat . . . . . oh she will tell you that she can make love all nite long with Mr. Chocolat!

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