The Boiling Crab Alhambra Main: Seafood in the Basket and the Whole Shebang! Los Angeles, USA

The Boiling Crab Alhambra Main: Seafood in the Basket and the Whole Shebang!

My younger brother who was residing in Los Angeles told me that there is an interesting seafood restaurant that he often visits. The place is called The Boiling Crab. With 6 outlets and counting, The Boiling Crab offers seafood and the whole shebang!

The Boiling Crab Alhambra Main is the outlet my brother and her fiancé visited.

The ambience is very happy get together setting, ideal for families or friends. I was told the place is very popular among locals.

There you will be painted or hand sketched walls with funny pictures such as Cindy Crawfish.

They started off with ½ dozen of raw oysters for US$7.99. It comes with Tabasco Sauce and slices of lemons.

The uniqueness of this restaurant is you get to get your hands dirty. Seriously… very dirty. The table is covered with plastic table cloth and customers are encouraged to use their hands. Don’t worry as they are very generous with the paper napkins.

The seafood comes in basket. Everything comes in a plastic bag with lots of sauce. Choose the sauce wisely from the “original” Rajun Cajun, Lemon Pepper or Garlic Butter. My brother’s recommendation is the Whole Shebang which is everything together.

The shrimp is a very popular dish there. Priced at US$ 8.99 per lb, the shrimps are flavourful and juicy.

The other popular seafood there is the lobster.

Lobsters are seasonal and it weighed according to the market price. My brother loves this! The basket comes handy at the end of the day for shells and remainders.

It was another enjoyable and fun seafood dinner at The Boiling Crab. It is highly recommended for seafood lovers in Los Angeles.

The Boiling Crab Alhambra Address and Contact:

33 W. Main St,

Alhambra, CA 91801

Tel: (626) 300-5898