Which is the best taxi to ride in Jakarta?

Which is the best taxi to ride in Jakarta?

Even though the taxi drivers in Jakarta is not listed as the top ten worst taxi drivers in the world, my traveling experience taught me to be cautious and smart while taking a ride with taxis.

When I was traveling in Jakarta, I often confused which taxi to ride? For that, I ask the locals and recommended Silver Bird taxis. They are the most reliable taxis to ride for tourists and foreigners as I was told and advised.

For my three days trip to Jakarta, I only ride on Silver Bird taxis even past midnight and they gave me no problems. They used their meters and did bother to try to give excuses or taking a long way to make additional profits.

This is not an advertorial or paid post but an actual experience based on my traveling trip in Jakarta. I have nothing against other taxi companies as this is based on my own opinion and experience. If you have any comments on this, please drop us a comment or so, we would love to hear from your opinions too.