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Chuan Kee Hakka Restaurant, Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras

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In case u dun find it..
Its called Chuan Kee, Chan Kee is more to like Chinese name. Chuan Kee has been around in Cheras for some time. Some said for more than 20 years. Like many other good foods in Cheras, Chuan Kee has its own specialties.

The garlic steam fish is one of the popular dish here. You can see many people ordering this dish when you are there.

The “big heavenly four kings”….

Claypot Lamb Stew….

One more thing they are famous for are their handmade Yong Tau Fu!!

“Za Yok” (Pork) is good as well…

Steam Chicken….

This place is normally packed during lunch hours. Its one of the few good restaurants in Jln Pudu Ulu itself. I would say there are 3 nice restaurants in this road and Chuan Kee is one of them. The price here of course very reasonable and the food is good. Good place to try some nice foods…

14, Jln Pudu Ulu,
Cheras (Same row as Gerakan Building)

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