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Premium Sushi at Senjyu Sushi, Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia

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It happened I think weeks back when I was looking around for sushi in Sunway Pyramid. I am always a big sushi fan. Well, looking that there’s a new sushi shop, I gave it a try.

I love Unagi (Eel)… and they served huge unagi sushi…

Like many sushi lovers, we tried Unagi many times before but had u tried “Anago” before? Anago is sea eel, a different type of species of eel.. Its white in color and taste similar to Unagi… Worth to try!

Anago (??, or ????) is the Japanese word for salt-water eels, which are a seafood dish in Japan. Anago are often simmered (sushi) or deep-fried (tempura), compared to unagikabayaki). Anago is also slightly less rich and oily than unagi. – Wikipedia (freshwater eels) which are usually barbecued with a sauce (

Another special sushi they have is Aburi Wagyu Beef sushi. Its basically Austalian version of “Kobe Beef”. Since I don’t really fancy beef, this one… oklah…

Wagyu (?? wagy??) refers to several breeds of cattle genetically predisposed to intense marbling and to producing a high percentage of oleaginous unsaturated fat. The meat from wagyu cattle is known worldwide for its marbling characteristics, increased eating quality through a naturally enhanced flavor, tenderness and juiciness, and thus a high market value. Several areas in Japan are famous for the quality of their Wagyu cattle, and ship beef bearing their areas’ names. Some examples are Kobe, Mishima and Ohmi beef.

Of course they served different other sushis as well… Since I’m paying the bill, I’m not going to say much. It caters for medium upper market. We (2 person) ate about RM 1xx. Prepare to pay at least RM 50 and above per person. Quite a few items are “air-flown” in. The price justifies the food. Will come back again…

F1.05, Sunway Pyramid
No. 3, Jln PJS 11/15 Bandar Sunway Selangor.
Tel: 03 – 7492 6236

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