June 15, 2024


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Heineken Green Space @ Zen World, Bangkok

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I never knew Heineken is so huge in Bangkok. The Heineken Green Space was an eye opener. The beer garden which operates only on cold season will be closing at the end of January.


Located at the Central World Building, Heineken party starts from the streets of Central World Bangkok with games and live bands. However, the real deal is not there.


At the side of the building, there’s another building called Zen World (1st picture, top left). We took the lift to 18th floor, that’s the real deal! With live band as well, half of the place is open air with breathtaking views of the Bangkok city.

January is still a cold season so at 18th floor, you can feel the breeze. The lights at the top of the open air space are color changing. And they serves sub-zero Heineken as well. A jug of Heineken was only 200Baht! That was so cheap. The crowd was mostly teenager to young working adults. Lots of hot chicks….

While we were outside, the inside was packed with people listening to the live bands. The place is usually packed at all nights. Its a place to go until 31st Jan. A lovely place to chill and great Heineken beers. I wish Heineken can pay me for this…. The place was so cool!


18th Floor, Zen World
Bangkok City
Tel: 02 100 9898

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