February 9, 2023

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Unique Chinese Steamboat @ Ruen Pech, Bangkok

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The first night of my latest Bangkok trip was treated with a lovely Chinese steamboat cuisine. Located at the opposite of Amari Atrium Hotel, this 2 storeys Chinese steamboat restaurant is one of the pioneer Chinese steamboat restaurants in Bangkok. Given such a long history, this place are quite popular with some of the locals there.

Since its only 2 of us, me and Pete (my bestie), we ordered a “few” things for our steamboat. The vege dish was unique. Translated it as 3 nuts vege, the vege was stir fried until crispy with 3 different types of nuts. Even though I felt its a bit oily, this unique vege dish I had not seen anywhere else before.

The steamboat to me was not much difference when the orders came. Yet, the dumplings and the taufu were good.

Pete said the best was this beef dish. Beef marinated with chinese wine and egg, the beef then needed to be mixed all the ingredients all together. Lightly dipped into the boiling steamboat, the taste of the beef will be pretty good. In order to have a greater taste of the wine, dipped the beef into the steamboat then dipped into the sauce again. That will bring the special sauce to taste.

The service there was excellent. The feast cost us around 600Baht. I tried to get the address in English, no luck. But I managed to get its number. This place is a nice place to try out. Tour companies or tour guides will never bring you to such places. One thing good about free and easy is you can try out different type of restaurants.


Tel: 0-2314-5047, 0-2314-4274

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