February 6, 2023

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BBQ Pork Ribs Wantan Noodle @ Lam Kee, Taman Muda, Cheras

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BBQ Pork Ribs are similar to BBQ pork. Even though its the same, not much places can give you a nice BBQ pork ribs.

This place, Lam Kee Noodle stall is located at the “food street” in Taman Muda. I usually go for during morning or lunch time. Normally, by lunch time most of the ribs are sold out. I wouldn’t rate the ribs amazingly fantastic, but there are lovely and good. The dumplings are not too bad. A plate of BBQ pork ribs wantan mee will cost around RM 5-6. With drinks, it should be less than RM 10. No air cond, fan only and open air stall. Service there is good.

Taman Muda Street Food
Tel: 012-6957741

3 thoughts on “BBQ Pork Ribs Wantan Noodle @ Lam Kee, Taman Muda, Cheras

  1. Oh good one! I moved away from this place n totally forgot bout this! I like this cos of their springy QQ noodle. And you can order char-siu ends if you like more burnt bits. Nice wantan mee! Makes me wanna go back just to revisit! Thanks, Wilson!

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