March 26, 2023

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Korean Food BBQ at Da Chang Jin, Sri Petaling (Nov 2008)

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To start with this is so simple, I’m not a big fan of Korean food!

If you do read this blog, you noticed there isn’t much info about Korean food. In fact this is the first post about Korean food.

In a very heavy raining thunderstorm evening last year in November, me and Rachel was looking for a restaurant at Sri Petaling. Somehow, Rachel remembered that there is a famous Korean restaurant in the neighbourhood.

We found the place and placed our orders.

We ordered …. (korean) “Nok Cha Samgyeopsal!!”- Grilled Sliced Pork with Korean Green Tea Powder…
“Yangnyeom-Samgyeopsal!! – Grilled Seasonal Pork…

One thing I liked about Korean BBQ is you get the small-small stuffs.
Cockles (si-ham), sausages, salad, kim chi, chilli, quail eggs, enchovies and so on…

The BBQ set they used is a combination of charcoal and gas. I believed most food on charcoal are better than gas cooked.

The only good thing about the service here is they cut nicely for you to BBQ..

The food was okay (I’m not a big fan of Korean food) so its very subjective. The service here is okay, very pushy to go for the BBQ sets. The sets cost around RM 2x per pax so expect to pay around RM 3x per pax. Location is not too bad, lots of parking but most of the time are packed. Dinner time is a bit full. During the high time of the Korean drama series, this place was packed.

No 92-2, 1st floor,
Jalan Radin Tengah,
Sri Petaling
Tel: 03-9058 7841

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