February 1, 2023

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Night Street Food @ Taman Yulek, Cheras (Dec 08)

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Maybe there should be a nice introduction to this or maybe not. Cheras Yulek Night Street Food has been there for years. At least 10-15 years…. at least…

Located at the row of 7-11 store, there are a few stalls operating only at night.

Few notable favourites are chicken rice, char koay teow and prawn mee. They might not be the best of the best, but they are decent.

However, the famous stall should be the dessert stall. They served lovely desserts like red bean for instance. At certain days, they even served peanut paste and other local desserts.

The “you tiao” stall even operated by foreigners now are still good. Made on the spot, there’s nothing fresher than this.

I feel sometimes night street food like this, is very Malaysian. Great food at affordable price.

3 thoughts on “Night Street Food @ Taman Yulek, Cheras (Dec 08)

  1. Famous one should be the dessert. Most of the stalls there serve good foods. They have been there like years…

  2. For dessert, try these:-
    – GaiDan Char (Egg Tea), Herbal tea with a hard-boiled egg

    – Lin Chee Gang with Shuit Yee (Lotus-seed sweet soup with white fungus)

    – Mak Chok (Literally 'Oat porridge')

    -Buy Yaw Char Guai from the stall next to it, dip the YawCharGuai into the red bean soup~~~~ perfect !!

    Yes, in certain days they have peanut paste and sesame paste as well.

    Be careful not to order from the stall next to the famous one. The famous dessert stall sells solely desserts, no other beverages.

    The Chee Cheong Fun stall is equally good 🙂

    I grew up in that area, bought LinCheeGang from the grandfather of the current dessert stall owner… he used to cycle and 'open-stall' there…. that's 25 years back…..

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