June 8, 2023

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Green Cod Fish @ Gaia Bistro, Cheras (Jan 09)

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Ever had a green cod fish? I only remembered having a green cod fish in this place called Gaia Bistro. Gaia has been around for a while. It used to have an underwater theme, where the whole interior was design like underwater like. However, that was past. Now, it is very much a Chinese Restaurant.

It was CNY period however we intended to skip the “Yee Sang” as we had quite a few already. We ordered Fried Pumpkin and Japanese Tako (Octopus). The fried pumkin was sweet and crispy. We then had Tau Fu with minced meat. I loved this dish, crispy tau fu and lovely minced meat. Then, we had vege….

We ordered a Herbal Chicken. Chicken was cooked with a red sauce (CNY feel) and then cooked with herbs. I find the red color a bit disturbing, I never fancy chicken in red. We had a Belacan Vege next. To people who knew me, I’m not a big fan of vege so least are explained on vege. Lastly, the green cod fish. Its actually Steamed Minced Ginger Cod Fish with Mint (I suspect). My mom didn’t like the cod fish being cooked this way, even the colour is unique.

The feast cost us around RM 175 with 2 jugs of their famous homemade Soya Bean. The service there is always excellent and the food is okay. Please do ask directions to go there.

27, Jalan Alam Jaya 21,
Taman Alam Jaya
Tel: 03-90744202

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