May 25, 2024


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Japanese Burgers at MOS Burger, SINGAPORE

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My first experience with MOS Burger was around 1998 when they opened their first outlet at KLCC. I was working part time with Versace Boutique at that time. I loved visiting MOS Burger even though its more expensive than the usual fast food outlets. However, it didn’t sustain long and eventually closed their operations in Malaysia.

My last visit to Singapore gave me the chance of having MOS Burger again.

Burger time!
A common view of MOS Burger set in a small plastic bucket…
Teriyaki Chicken Burger… my fav…
Lovely little burger. The meat was tender and it was so good…
Their infamous rice burger. We order Unagi Rice Burger. Eating rice burger will be a bit tough as the rice is soft. It needs unique “supa” handling technique to eat this rice burger (I’m just joking ok).

I wished there’s MOS Burger here.

0 thoughts on “Japanese Burgers at MOS Burger, SINGAPORE

  1. Yeah, don’t know why they didn’t last long here. Maybe it’s a bit pricey back then. But now since the ppl don’t mind drinking Starbucks, I think it’s time for MOS to make a come back. I also had Unagi Rice burger when I was in Singapore.

  2. Not much people fancy MOS burger because it was much dearer than McD. To be frank, I normally eat one set plus 1 more burger to fill my tummy.

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