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Fatt Kee Grill Chicken Rice @ Pudu (Feb 09)

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The first thing they saw me and they asked “Are you a reporter?” I was carrying my DSLR and I laughed and said no. Then, they told me that a reporter came and proudly showed their large newspaper cutting.

Located opposite Pudu Plaza, this little stall had been around for years. When I saw there’s so many chickens hanging in his stall, I knew this stall must be good.


Quickly, we ordered 3 persons Duck, Chicken, Char Siew and Siew Yuk combo. The duck came first, and it was good. No joke, it was pretty good.


The Siew Yuk was marvelous. If you read my blog, you can tell how many times did I mention marvelous? Less than 10 times? The skin was crispy and the meat was tender. The char siew also was pretty good. Chicken well to me was good.

Service was good, people there were friendly. Food was beyond expectation. Per pax came about to RM 10.

Opposite Pudu Plaza (same road with Kung Min Primary School)

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