March 26, 2023

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Wantan Noodles @ Canton-I The Gardens (Feb 09)

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The last visit I went to Canton-I was pretty good. Since Jason wanted to try it out so bad, we went for it at The Gardens.

We quickly got ourselves a nice seat. The waitresses there were attentive. Like the One Utama outlet, the designs were similar. It took a while to figure out what to eat since we tried some of the stuffs last time around.

I ordered Char Siew and Siew Yuk wantan noodle. One thing in particular I want to highlight is the wantan noodle. Even though at first when I saw in the menu, plain noodles cost RM 4 was ridiculous, I was wrong. The noodle was fantastic. Its hard to put on words for this. The char siew well is okay. Siew Yuk was particularly good. Well of course I paid RM 13.80 for it, exclusive tax.

Rachel ordered a Cantonese Style with Spicy Shredded Meat Wanton Noodles. Well, surprisingly it was horrible! There wasn’t much spicyness in the meat and it was sweet. We didn’t like it. Some might loved the sweetness. It was RM 12.80, excl. tax.

Jasmine tea. The flower inside was lovely as it “grew” at time passed by. Of course, the tea was good.

Then, we ordered Stewed Rice Vermicelli (Mee Hun) with Sheredded Duck and Vege. This was good. Partially because of the shredded roast duck. I loved this dish. RM 14, excl. tax.

Jason ordered a Fried Rice for RM20, excl. tax. We were like, wasn’t this Egg Fried Rice? We were so wrong. The rice was fried with egg white. Then with prawns and scallops. Yes, lots of scallops. This was good.

Lastly, we ordered a Deep Fried Durian Pancake for RM 8, excl. tax. Well, it was just durian deep fried with battered flour? Nothing really amazing for this.

We definitely loved our foods this time around except the Cantonese Style with Spicy Shredded Meat Wanton Noodles. Service was good as usual. Per pax was around RM 20 plus. Yeah, there was a 10% discount for CIMB Credit Card Members.

LG 202-203A,
Lower Ground Floor,
The Gardens

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