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Lou Yee Sang @ Restoran 9888, Cheras (Jan 09)

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This is will be my second visit to Restoran 9888. Went to this place during CNY with my dearest colleagues. The restaurant is located opposite Cheras Badminton Stadium, there’s a small entrance road where you have to turn in and turn right, the restaurant at the left hand side. Due to my confusing road directions, pls do call them (bottom).

We started with Salmon Yee Sang. Since there were 12 of us, the Yee Sang came with XXL size. Yee Sang was good.

Salted Egg Prawns came next. Prawns were fried to crunchiness and cooked with salted eggs. This dish was good. The skin of the prawns was so crunchy, you could have eaten them.

Claypot Pork Knuckles came next. Since I was trying to cut down my pork intake (tried), I didn’t take much of this. I would say it was a decent dish.

Fried Tau Fu’s next. The tau fu was fried until the skin was crispy. With soy sauce, this dish was really a good one.

Garlic cooked with Vege. Lightly taste cooked enhanced the taste and the aroma of the vege. (Sorry for my ignorance of the name of the vege, I’m not a frequent vege taker).

Kam Hiong La-La. One of my favourite food, la-la. This was good. La la was cooked in thick sauce Kam Hiong sytle.
Lastly,the vege dish that I didn’t try as literally my tummy could explode at the moment of time. I was pratically too full for any food intakes. The service was excellent, the food was good and the price was very reasonable. It’s one of the newer restaurant in that Cheras 3 1/2 miles area and they were getting more and more customers lately.

111-115G, Jalan Kerapu Satu,
Off Jalan Cheras 3 1/4 Miles,
Tel: 03-9283 7889, 012-360 5967

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  1. Well, salted egg prawns had been a while.

    The first time I had was in Restoran Maju Junction, few years ago. A plate there would cost more than RM 100, big prawns of course.

    Then, I had it at Restoran Siu Siu.

    And of course, Dynasty Restaurant @ Renaissance Hotel

    There’s quite a number restaurants selling it already in KL. You should tried it if you loved salted eggs.

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