March 1, 2024


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QGuides “Makan-Makan” Session

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Last Thursday I was invited for a “makan-makan” session by Since it was held at Carlsberg in Shah Alam, there were lots of Carlsberg for the night.

There were a few bloggers were invited as well at that time. A few that I’ve met and there’s a few that I would like to meet. Recognized friends like Jason and Daniel and later on got to know people like Ruth and Rachel. There were a few who remains unnamed.

We were introduced to the lovely people of as well as people from Carlsberg.

Since I was there, I brought out my DSLR and took a few shots.

Carlsberg Makan 1

Thank god, this shot turned out well. I thought I couldn’t get the shot properly.

Carlsberg Makan Session 2

Anyone Carlsberg?

Carlsberg Makan Session 3

My very first time of Carlsberg GOLD. Richer in taste than the usual Carlsberg.

A short presentation by then revealed their masterplan. I would say its the first of its kind in Malaysia and of course more details will be revealed later on until their completion stage.

In brief:

  • Introduce the project, team & objectives to all attendees
  • Identify win-win opportunities for food bloggers, working together with
  • Develop meaningful working relationships with food bloggers
  • Gauge interest levels in the
  • Have fun!

I didn’t stay long as I need to attend another function at Mark’s Place in Kelana Jaya for salsa.


We had a group shot with all the food bloggers of the night. Glad to know the rest.

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