February 1, 2023

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THE BEST Ramli Burger Special @ Ampang

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If you stay in KL and you are one big fan of Ramli Burger and you haven’t visit this place, don’t even ever dare to call yourself a Ramli Burger Fan!

If you are a foodie and you have not heard of OM Burger. I’m ashamed of you guys. OM Burger or Burger Sri Tanjung have been around the same place, same spot for over 10 years in Ampang Jaya right in-front of the 7-11. All you Ramly burger fans, u know what I’m talking about.

I would say this is one sought after burger. Everyone talks about this burger in KL. Popular or commonly known as OM Burger or Burger OM, Sloppy Joe’s or plainly OM. FYI, OM is Uncle in Javanese.- Rizainuddin

I would agreed with him. I’ve been there more than 10 years ago when the craze of Ramli Burger special started. The uncle would said, just wait until its ready!

His cooking style is sloopy like 10 years ago, just like old time!

You can really see the sloppiness. However, the taste was heavenly. Burger patty was cooked with egg and cheese, packed with vege. I would say his burger is one of the fattest in town. Yet, the tastiest.

This is one of the Ramli Burger stall you must visit if you loved the burger, Ramli Burger style…

In front of 7-11,
Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama,
Ampang Jaya

16 thoughts on “THE BEST Ramli Burger Special @ Ampang

  1. Nope haven’t heard about it. Would try it when I’m in KL. How do you pronounce OM? Is it ‘Oh-mm’ or is it ‘ohm’?

  2. fyi, my sister and the gang called it burger sepah…lol

    but, i never have the chance to it eat though….lol

  3. is it the one featured on winning awards? i cant remember the web, but the stall in front 7-11 i think. win awards for greasy yet sedap. i cant remember it. it showed a video of how it prepared

  4. walao best!!! =D hahaha… must go try d… damn paiseh lo… when u say if you havent go there.. cant call urself a ramli burger fan… hahah =D

  5. I’m hungry now looking at it also… An unforgettable taste and sloppiness…

    Well, I hope I can hunt down other famous Ramli Burger Stall yeah!

  6. the elusive ramli burger.
    well, at least to an Ipoh boy anyway …

    now if only there’s a map …

  7. A sloppy joe is a meat sauce cooked in tomato sandwiched between burger buns. This is not a sloppy joe.

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