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Thai Food @ Blue Dragon, Cheras (Dec 08)

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This was my second visit and I was celebrating New Year’s Eve with Joyce and Rachel. My first visit was ordinary so coming for the second time, I have not much expectations at all.


The place is easily recognizable on the same row of Janbo near the Yulek roundabout. The place has 2 levels. Level 2 is very cozy but a bit too dark to my likings.


The trademark of Thai food is always Tom Yam Soup. We ordered a Seafood Tom Yam soup that came handsomely with lots of seafood. The soup was thick and it was pretty good.


The Claypot Seafood Fried Rice was next. The taste was there, thick and aroma. Simple and nice.


The spring roll was ordinary. Its a finger food, so what do you expect?


The chicken wing was next. Crispy and well marinated. Not too bad. Lovely taste and crispy!


Mushroom rolls was slightly unique. Different than the usual spring rolls.


Tarosa or Yam Puff was ordinary. I had better yam puffs than this but for first timers, this could be something you might order.


It was a lovely place to dine, with the lights just way to dark for me. The food to me was not too bad, few dishes were pretty good. Service was good. The feast cost us around RM 100 plus cockage for a bottle of wine as well as few glasses of their specialty drinks.

60, Jalan 5/101C,
Off Jalan Kaskas,
Taman Cheras (Commercial Center),
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +603 9132 9255

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  1. metalpanda: yes, its quite good

    yummy: yeah, pls feedback also… wanted to know how their food taste now

  2. Hi, I have tried on the food there…quite nice and delicious.. for more details you can view my blog..

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