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Dim Sum @ Restoran Keyway, Paramount (Dec 08)

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I was looking thru a Food Directory book (yes, such book existed and it can be very handy for food “expeditions”) few days ago and I spotted Keyway. I remember I ate there before! So I went to search in my picture folders and I found it! It happened on 8th of Dec 2008. It was a lovely Sunday and I met up with Rachel and her family there.

I was told this place has been there for a while. Located across Giant in Paramount Garden, I guess this place is not so hard to find.


It was a rainy Sunday, a good time to sleep but my passion on “dim sum” made me drove all the way from Cheras to Paramount. I love “dim sum”.


I was pampered with their famous home made fish ball. I took a bite of it, and I loved it. It was pretty good!


We ordered “the usual” dim sums. Siew Mai, Prawn Dumplings and Pork Ribs. All was not too bad, decent.


The thing with me and dim sum or sushi is, I tend to “over” order.


Char Siew “Sou” was not bad either. At this point, as usual, I was full.


Lastly, someone ordered a “tao sar pao” (red bean bun) for me. When I opened it to 2, I knew it must be good. Look at the fillings! It was good!

The place was very family oriented place with lovely Chinese tea poured by the gentlemen there. Service was okay and price was reasonable. Food… well, decent. Worth for a trip to try if you stay nearby.

28, Jln 20/16A,
Paramount Garden

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