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Lou Yee Sang @ Tai Thong Imperial City, Cheras (Jan 09)

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Tradition is still tradition, CNY-eve dinner is a very important dinner for the family members to get together. The scenario was everyone used to help out in the kitchen to try to cook out an amazing CNY-eve dinner. However, nowadays more people preferred to eat out to lessen the hassle. My family is one of the “more people”. We booked our table at Tai Thong Imperial City @ Cheras Plaza. The place was so packed, we were moved to 8.30 pm (2nd session).

Yee Sang was particularly huge. It was pretty good as well.

Suckling pig or Roast Baby Pig. Well, the package came with half of it. Who cares, it was good. Skin was crispy, meat was not too fat and tender. We basically finished the whole thing, from head to tail.

Shark fin was next. Another good one. The soup was thick and filled with crab meats, mushroom and shark fin.

The steamed fish was next. It was okay. It was a bit better than expected. Everyone was rushing to take the dishes out. It was a really busy night at the restaurant.

Next, the prawn cooked with Special Wine Sauce. Prawns were fresh. The thick sauce blends well with the prawns. Lovely dish.

By the time, the “Lap Mei” Rice came, we were all full. I took a bit of it and it was good.

Vege cooked with ham was next. We were overloaded, and I managed to eat a bit. It was okay.

Lastly, the “tong yuen” was the dessert. Interesting enough, they used black sesame as fillings. This were good. I think the usage of “tong yuen” for dessert was really good for festive season like Chinese New Year.

The whole feast was RM 448. The restaurant really worked very hard to deliver the foods. Even though at the busy time like that, they managed to deliver quality foods.

Ground Floor, Cheras Plaza
Jalan Manis 1, Taman Segar
56100 Cheras
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9132 0118, 03-9132 4115

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