April 1, 2023

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Hot Air Balloon Workshop in Kuala Lumpur

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Last month, I was practically thinking that will I ever have a chance riding on a hot air balloon.

From there, I started to look at possibilities of doing that in Kuala Lumpur, KL. Luckily, I remember that there was a company organizing “Hot Air Balloon Workshop” by the name of Skyevents.

I managed to book it in time as I was told that the workshop was almost fully booked.

The workshop happened on the first Sunday of every month in Tasik Titiwangsa.

So then I woke up at 6 am, picked Rachel and reached the destination point of Tasik Titiwangsa at 7. Well, I came prepared with my Canon 20D DSLR. The place had a good view of KL Tower and I took my camera to start snapping pictures.

The organizer started to brief us about hot air balloon. Since it was a workshop, everyone was separated to 3 teams. From there, they were given respective assignments. Everyone started to get working! 🙂

The balloon is referred as envelope. This was how it looked like before the inflation.

The installation of the basket and the flamer. Everyone was helping to set up until…

… the fire was started. I can really felt the heat even a few feet away.

Once the team opened up the envelope….

.. a fan is used to inflate the “envelope”. Reason being it will be easier to inflate with the flamer later.

The flame will be needed to make the envelope lighter but if the “envelope” was not inflated first, the flame might burned the entire thing.

After minutes of inflation, the envelope starts to float! Everyone was excited!

After more than 1 hour of hardwork, everyone decided to take a group picture….

The basket can fit 4 persons which depends on the weather. It was an amazing workshop. Going up with the hot air balloon was my first time and it was indeed a memorable experience.

It was really something new to me but I did enjoy the workshop.

After the ride, we were served by simple local foods and drinks as well.

For more details, please log on to www.skyevents.com.my.

The sky was really clear during the workshop and weather was excellent. Thank god it didn’t rain!

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