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Yong Tau Fu at Restoran Foong Foong Ampang

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Well, few weeks ago I had this crave for Yong Tau Fu so we went to Ampang for it. There’s a particular shop that I had been visiting since I was a kid. That makes around more than 20 years of history of this outlet.


My parents loved Restoran Foong Foong when we were staying in Ampang. Personally I haven’t been there for at least 2 years.


We waited no more and ordered our foods. Dumplings came first. The filling was big, very mouthful. The filling was a combination of prawn and pork. This was good.


The rest came the platter of yong tau fu(s)! Lady’s finger, bitter gould, tau fu, chili and fish ball. Fish balls were notable very “bouncy”. I would say the platter will go well with a group of people. Rice will be an option to go with the yong tau fu. I prefer eating it plain with the sweet sauce and the chili sauce.


The fried dumplings and fried foo chuk was my favourite. The dumpling was hot. Every bite can feel the crunchiness of the cripsy skin and the mixed meat fillings. It was good but I would prefer them to mixed with more salted fish (I prefer it to be a bit more salty). Well, of course this is my personal preference. Foo Chook was also hot. Filling was rolled with the foo chook and deep fried. This was good as well.

Beware! This 2 items are very addictive! It will make you keep ordering!

The service was good, ordered in front of the counter, minutes later foods were served on table. Per piece was RM 0.70. Reasonable…

621-A, Jalan Besar Ampang,
68000 Ampang

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