February 7, 2023

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Rojak Singapura at Medan Hang Tuah The Mall

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I went to Matta Fair for the very first few times in my life yesterday.

After an hour of Matta Fair window shopping, me and Rachel went back to the Mall for food.

I told Rachel that I used to be in the Mall everyday when I was younger as my dad used to run a few events in the Mall in the 1980s.

Curiously, I went up to the top floor to check whether the food court was still there.

I was a bit surprised to see its still around. Without hesitations, I went in to have a look. Its like almost 10 years since I entered the food court. The designs and the structure were still there, but aging. Understandable.

I wasn’t really that hungry but since I haven’t got my lunch, I decided to look around. I found this store somehow interesting. Being a rojak lover, I must try out this rojak Singapura.

What so big deal about this rojak Singapura. Well, I paid RM 7.80 for it! I must say its not the common rojak mamak we had in mamak for sure. For rojak Singapura, they had potato, some fried bean dough, fish cake, “foo chok” with fish fillings, egg, cucumber and dough fritters. The foo chok alike was the surprise element to me as well as the fish cake. Normally, rojak mamak here never serves those. The satay sauce was also lovely, thick and not so spicy. It blends well with the rojak. I found this rojak Singapura unique, tasty in its own way. Even though similar to rojak mamak, but its different.

Medan Selera Hang Tuah (top floor)
The Mall

2 thoughts on “Rojak Singapura at Medan Hang Tuah The Mall

  1. Hi, today I suddenly felt like having rojak singapore, but had no idea where to find it, so i googled for it and found your blog abt the rojak. So I went to The Mall at the 4th floor, where I used to go for nasi ayam kampung, which is next to the rojak stall which i never noticed before. Anyway, the rojak was very nice and tasty. I tried the "special" rojak s'pore and was amazed that the price with everything plus sotong, crab and prawn cost only RM14++ for two!! so i would recommend my friends to eat there too next time they feel like having rojak spore! thanks!

  2. aweenm: Thank you for being first to comment on this. The Mall was my childhood hang out area! It was good to be there after so long.

    I loved the Singapore rojak. Glad you liked it. I thought it was unique… Thanks for commenting

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