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Dim Sum at Restaurant Kam Him Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, KL

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Heard about this place a few times before eventually I went there with my family a few months ago. To be exact, it was in February.

The place is quite easy to find. From Sungei Besi, you will reach the traffic light. Go straight and you will pass by the shop lots on both left and right side. Go straight 500m, there’s a row of shoplots on the left. Kam Hin is one of them.

The place itself was quite big. There’s a few signboards in front of the shop.

I had to wake up early for the dim sum that day. We reached the place around 8 am. Place starting to getting packed.


I must say the variety of the dim sum was quite different than the usual dim sum shops. They had different choices of dim sum that I never had before. The dim sum itself was very fresh and it was tasty as well.

I wished I stated the names of the dim sum as its kinda hard for me to explain which is which.


The fried stuffs here were pretty good as well. I fell in love with a few of them there.

I always loved the carrot cake (non stir fried version). Its well done here, crispy on the outside skin layer and tenderly delicious on the inside.


Chee Cheong Fun and the Lo Mai Kai (glutinous rice with chicken) was not bad as well. The sushi roll type dim sum was good. I liked seaweed.

In general, the dim sum at Kam Hin was good. Plates go around RM 3 to RM 4 per plate depending on plate sizes. It was quite reasonable to me given the food quality served. Service was good at that time. The different choices of dim sum and the uniqueness of a few selected dim sum made it a worthwhile place to visit.

It deserved to be popular.

A32,34,36, Jalan 1/116B,
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park
Tel: 03-77296866

*Disclaimer: Personal food tasting and preferences might varies depending on individuals.

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