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Yong Tau Fu at Restoran Khong Li, Cheras

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I won’t know about this place if my friend didn’t bring me there.

Khong Li is located at Taman Connaught, Cheras. To be precise, it is behind Restoran Sun Ming, the famous roast duck restaurant.

Finding a parking during lunch time could be a bit tricky. There’s a few good restaurants around that area.

After finding a parking spot within minutes, I went in with my empty tummy. Rachel and me ordered a few dishes. As its recommended by her friend, the food should be at a certain quality.


For yong tau fu, I always loved the tau fu (beancurd) and the fried stuffs. I also look for homemade fish balls.

They have lovely homemade fish balls. Not the usual fish balls, but slightly unique. The foods there were pretty fresh something that I noticed as well.


The fried yong tau fu were pretty good as well. Fried stuffs don’t usually go wrong except its really crappy. Go for the fried dumpling, it was fairly good.


They also served dry kuey teow or noodle with minced meat to go with the yong tau fu.

In general the food there was decent. Service was good, not air-conditioned though. For the pricing, its very reasonable. I have not much to complain about this place.

If you are at the Taman Connaught area and you crave for yong tau fu, this could be a place to consider.

Address (coming soon)

*Disclaimer: Personal food tasting and preferences might varies depending on individuals.

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  1. I went to connaught last week, but dont know about this shop that time….will definitely visit during next weekend:) I love Yong Tao Foo a lot…

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