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Firefly Watching Viewing at Firefly Park Resort Kuala Selangor

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Firefly Watching Viewing at Firefly Park Resort, Kuala Selangor

Last Sunday, we got received a call from our good friends Khai and Stephanie for an unplanned evening trip to Kuala Selangor for firefly watching. We heard so much about the fireflies watching in Kuala Selangor and even staying in Klang Valley for decades, we never been to that part of the city.

Driving to Kuala Selangor is not a hard task. Just follow the Kuala Selangor road signs and you can drive from Kuala Lumpur via Sungai Buloh highway. It will be easier using the GPS.



The great thing about the journey was there are signs leading us to Kuala Selangor as we didn’t have any GPS unit with us.


After two hours of driving (inclusive of traffic jam), we reached Kuala Selangor and before we went to see the fireflies, we went for seafood dinner. Kuala Selangor is popular with its Chinese seafood restaurants and we went to Restoran Makanan Laut Jeti, one of the seafood restaurants we picked by random and it is located by the river side.

After dinner we drove to the Firefly Park Resort at Kampung Bukit Belimbing which is just around 10 to 20 minutes drive from the seafood restaurant. There are signs everywhere so its kinda hard to get lost but the trunk roads are a bit dark though.


The place was quite busy when we reached there and we parked our car and bought our tickets. It is called the Firefly Park and it has its own parking spaces.
The fare was RM 12 for Adults RM 7 for Age 3-12. Operating hours are from 7.00 pm to 10.30 pm.

To respect the rules and regulations of the park, I didn’t take any pictures or photos. Apparently, the camera flash will kill the fireflies (as I was told by the park operators). Yet, again why do we need to make such risks just for our own pleasure?


After checking our tickets, we walked to the jetty. From the jetty, we hopped on the sampan and slowly sailed to the mangrove forest.

The boatman slowly paddled the boat because the noise would scare the fireflies away and the area was pitch dark. It is one of the moments when the silence took over the situation and we could see the shining stars for once.

The fireflies or tropical fireflies’ habitat is the mangrove trees. Due to human development and pollution, the numbers of fireflies have drastically decreased. To be frank, there were not much left. The stretch of 50m of fireflies or lesser.

There wasn’t much left anymore. Mainly due to pollutions and developments. If this situation continues, the NEXT GENERATION WILL NOT ABLE to view fireflies in the future.

The fireflies were often grouped together and “blinks” together. It was an amazing experience. It was like the lights of the Christmas tree.

Yet, we saw a group of people in another boat kept flashing their camera lights to the fireflies. Such ignorant selfish idiots are the example of how ugly human could be sometimes. I wonder why the boatman did not stop them?


We enjoyed the firefly watching very much. After that, we drove for another 2 hours back to Kuala Lumpur. By then, it was already midnight. It was a great experience!

It could be something fun to do during the weekend. I bet many city dwellers like us never seen real life fireflies before.

Firefly Park Resort, Kuala Selangor Address and Contact:
Firefly Park Resort (Kuala Selangor) Sdn Bhd
Jalan Haji Omar, Kampung Bukit Belimbing,
45000 Kuala Selangor,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-3260 1208 / Fax: 603-3260 1234


How to get there??

By Public Transport
Tourists can easily access to Kuala Selangor via public transportation from Pudu Raya Bus Station which is near to The Petaling Street or Klang Bus Station which is located close to the Central Market LRT Station in Kuala Lumpur. From Pudu Raya Bus Station, kindly proceed to platform 23 for bus number 141 going to Kuala Selangor. The bus fare costs about RM 4.70. (It may different costs from here, but, approximately RM 5.00)
After reaching in the Kuala Selangor bus station, advised to take local taxis to Firefly Park Resort, Bukit Belimbing. It takes time around 10- 15mins, and cost approximately RM 15.00.

By Car
If you are planning on driving yourself, you may follow the LDP Highway (Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong) heading to Sungai Buloh.


From there, you can easily find the signboard of Kuala Selangor. Otherwise, if you are coming from Kuala Lumpur via North-South PLUS Highway, you still have to exit at Sungai Buloh. The journey takes approximately 1.5 – 2 hours.

From KLIA(Kuala Lumpur International Airport), you will need to take the North-South Central Link Expressway.. You will have to turn left and exit to Sungai Buluh Main Road. When the time you reach the main road from Klangto Kuala Selangor, you will need to make a right turn, and go straight all the way to the Kuala Selangor Town. After you reached,you’ll need to make a right turn by following the Firefly Park Resort Signboard and go on the road to the direction of Tanjung Karang.

After departing from the Kuala Selangor Town, you will have to go pass a bridge, and when the time you see the School “Sek. Men. Agama Pasir Penambang”, you need to make a right turn and get into the road which is “Jalan Bukit Belimbing”. Then you will have the sign board that show you to get to the Firefly Park Resort. The total journey that gets you from KLIA to Firefly Park is about 1.5 hours.

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  1. hahaha did you “dayung sampan” just with your wife . . .. . so jealous of me lol! . . . . .yet so romantic! 🙂

  2. yaya ….the road is so dark and i heard that there are dangerous exspecially pass through the road which full of kelapa sawit beside it. The villagers there said have rob cases happenned.

  3. We just stayed at this Resort, and it was EXTREMELY average. The service was horrible, construction around the ‘chalets’ early in the morning and couldnt buy breakfast anywhere the next day. not good for the price.

  4. saya dari indonesia tgl 30 dec akan ke kuala selaqngor di firefly resort. terimakasih atas informasi blognya. sangat membantu. Masa kecil saya banyak kunang kunang, sekarang sulit sekali cari kunang kunang disini. Padahal saya mau kenalkan kunang kunang pada anak saya.

    Berapa kalau sewa taksi dari KL ke KS?


  5. hello,

    where is the best place to park the car before going to watch the fireflies? safe?

    best place to eat before the boat tour???

    many thanks!!

  6. I have very bad experience on yesterday trip to Fireflies Resort at Kuala Selangor..For those who are intend to go, I would suggest “think twice” first before you decide to go. We were 8 persons and 3 children together in a group plus 3 foreigners in a boat with Malay boat operator guy to bring us to see fireflies. As we know, fireflies do not like “flash light” and snap photo is prohibited. But the boat operator steer us half way and he told “Kalau nak menangkap gambar, belanja sikit” (those who want to snap, give me some tips) ( for those who know malay I guess you will know what he means, right).. we are keep silent and don’t let him know we are Malaysian. If I recall well, he keeps saying this statement for few times and everyone in the boat just keep quiet. Suddenly one foriegner take the photo and he asked if anyone in the boat know to understand Malay.. we just keep quiet and don’t bother him. Suddenly he stopped the boat and lie at the back and he didn’t say anything and just let us wait there to “donate” blood to mosqitou, children don’t feel comfortable..and one of my friend angry and say “bang, Kenapa tak jalan” (brother, why boat not moving). He replied and say “Tengok Baik Baik, ada jalan” (Look carefully, the boat is moving).We all sure the boat engine is idle and not moving at all. He asked my friend “awak dari Mana??” (Where you come from). My friend just don’t bother him. We also don’t dare to risk our life as he maybe gone crazy do something out of our expectation. Luckily, After 1-2 min, he start the engine and steer us to the jetty safely. Thanks god, luckily we are safe but poor forigner, the boat operators in jetty try to get some “tips” from foreigner. I really feel shame and disappointed to see this incident happen. Shame because our tourism place being misuse by a group of this people and how foreigner see the integrity of malaysian people, disappoint as our fireflies really getting less and our ecology being threaten by this intruders and I believe I won’t go there anymore.. Not only have to pay expensive entrance fee (RM15 adult, RM8 for children) but the service and experience received is not worth at all and furthermore we have to gone thru such scary experience.

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  8. Hi there,

    My boyfriend who’s from Saudi really wish to check out the fireflies and your blog entry is really informative. Thank you! I also like the part that you were being a responsible viewer =) Good to have a fellow Malaysian like you, Happy Chinese New Year by the way! =)

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