December 8, 2023


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Seafood at Restoran Jetty Kuala Selangor

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Ever wonder where to eat in Kuala Selangor? We all heard of its cheap and good seafood but which the restaurant to go?

For this, I called Ken Chan again (he’s gonna blacklist me soon) but he was busy. Then, I called another video producer who she recommended me the Restoran Jetty. Finding the restaurant could be a bit tricky but I do attached a map below. Please check it out.


After 2 hours of driving from Cheras, we finally found the place. The area had 2 rows of shops. The restaurants were located at riverbanks facing a row of shops. Parking was not an issue there, as there were quite a number of parking lots.

Most of the restaurants were half occupied. Even though it was a Friday night, crowds were not that much. Maybe Kuala Selangor is just too far??

We went in and ordered our foods quickly. Most of the dishes were recommended by them. I put my trust and faith in them.


La la is one of my favourite food. Mee hoon la la was my first time. The mee hoon was slightly salty and the la la were a bit small. Portion was quite reasonable. The mee hoon la la was RM 10. Pretty reasonable to me.


Fried oyster omelette is one of my favourite foods as well. Yes, if you might wonder, I do have quite a number of favourite foods. The fried oyster omelette was quite unique. It was deep fried to a pancake style. Slightly dry, definitely different than the others. Fried Oyster Omelette was RM 10.


Steph and Rachel was saying the belacan potato leaves was not bad and it only cost RM 6.


Everyone loved the special steam fish. Recommended by them, priced at RM 32.


The best dish of the night, the butter crabs. The curry butter sauce was addictive. It goes very well with the fried bun as well. Of course the crabs were good. The crabs were very fresh and we took our time slowly enjoying this. We ordered 3 pieces of crabs (medium size and above) and it only costs us RM 30. Very reasonable!


Khai, Steph, Rachel and me…


Guess what. The whole bill came to only RM 95.50! Trust me, we couldn’t even finished the foods on the table.

In general, the food was fairly good and price was very reasonable. Service was good. Recommendable! Go for the butter crabs!

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  1. Jeti Seafood Restaurant is located beside the Selangor River. We able to view the beauty of the Selangor River when we have our fresh seafood here. I like this fresh seafood in Kuala Selangor.

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