January 31, 2023

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Rats @ Hong Kong Food & Tea Restaurant, Berjaya Times Square

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Seriously I don’t really want to meet Ratatouille in person.

I had 2 encounters last week in 2 different restaurants but I managed to get the pictures of the 2nd restaurant.

I was having a tea break with Rachel last Friday night and Rachel screamed “Rat! Rat! Rat!”

Guess what?

No one from the restaurant bothered to apologize and attempt to remove it. So they left the rats (2 of them) parading in their restaurant and lurking around.

Since they had so much pride of it. I started to take my camera to snap a few pictures of it.

The rat is on the plasma TV. The waitress could only see but never touch.

Can you spot Ratatouille?

Another one down there….

She’s shopping?

Mr. Ratatouille himself.

On Sunday, I had food poisoning due to unknown reason. Rachel didn’t has it though.

How could this be happening? Some might ask. Don’t ask me, ask them.

Welcome to Hong Kong Food and Tea Restaurant, Berjaya Times Square.

12 thoughts on “Rats @ Hong Kong Food & Tea Restaurant, Berjaya Times Square

  1. WHoa! this is by far the most irresponsible case i read for this category of restaurants wei. now i know..never going there from now!

  2. eeeeeeeeeee… my goodness! did you continue eating there after the visit of mr & mrs rat?

  3. wow…..I did post the blog bout this restaurant at tropicana city……very scared

  4. Wow. seriously…..I had been to this restaurant at tropicana city. I wonder their relative was there?

  5. Rats! I saw a cockroach in Jogoya once (took a photo too) but rats is worse. :S

  6. ewwww…so gross…how can their customer have the mood to continue eat…pity them…

  7. I’m speechless for what has happened. It was irresponsible. They should have done more. But it never happened.

  8. Aiyer… rats in a restaurant and they do nothing about it???? This is so eeeeeeeewwww……….

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