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The Amazing Capri Restaurant in Lumut, Perak

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The Amazing Capri Restaurant in Lumut, Perak

(March 09) – On the fourth day, we went to Lumut town for lunch. Since we tried Rockafella, we decided to try on the famous Capri Restaurant.


Lumut town is actually quite small. Locating Capri restaurant is never been easier. Its just a few turns from the Lumut jetty.

Its a cozy restaurant. There was quite a big crowd during lunch time when we were there. We also saw a few ship captains enjoying their lunch there.


The pizza came first. The Quattro Stagioni Pizza. It comes in 4 different types of flavours. The thin crusted pizza consists of beef salami, olive, mushroom and capsicum. The pizza was pretty good. Much better than usual pizza outlets, that’s for sure. This is recommendable.


Chicken bratwurst was next. It was pretty good even though they used chicken instead of beef or pork. The mushroom sauce was a little bit “stingy” though.

Bratwurst was a new word to me so I “wikipedia” it.

A bratwurst is a sausage composed of pork, beef, or veal. The name is German, derived from Old High German brätwurst, from brät-, which is finely chopped meat and -wurst, or sausage.Bratwurst are usually grilled and sometimes cooked in broth or beer.- Wikipedia


Chicken lasagna was next. Layered and topped with cream and cheese. Lasagna is always one of my favourite dish. I always craved about it. Even though it looks simple, but getting a nice lasagna is always hard. Here, the lasagna might not look that good, but the taste was not bad.


My client ordered the ravioli. To be frank, I seldom had ravioli in my life. I tried to cook it once when I was in Australia. It didn’t turn out the way it suppose to be. It was a totally blunder.

Anyways, we were really spoiled by the ravioli here. Goodness, me the thick creamy sauce with herbs was really addictive. It goes really well with the ravioli.

Ravioli is a type of filled pasta composed of a filling sealed between two layers of thin pasta dough. The word ravioli is reminiscent of the Italian verb ravvolgere (“to wrap”), though the two words are not etymologically connected.-Wikipedia


The apple crumble was promised to be nice by the lovely waitress. She wasn’t lying. The apple crumble was hot while topped with the cold vanilla ice cream. The combination made a great dessert. This was really good.


The New York Cheesecake. It was a creamy cheesecake on a cookie crust topped with the whipped cream. This combination of high calorie content was another great recommendation.

The cheese cake was good….


The big fat lunch ended with the Movenpick Swiss Chocolate ice cream. The taste was heavenly. Smooth but thick in chocolate taste. Its was amazing. This premium ice cream is always recommendable.

The lunch feast billed up to RM 18x.xx for 4 persons. The service there was good. For the food, in general they were pretty good. Its kind of hard to believe there’s a nice restaurant like this in Lumut.

This place is a must go if you are in Lumut.

The Amazing Capri Restaurant Contact and Address:

4174, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah

32200 Lumut, Perak

Tel: +605-6833112

*Disclaimer: Personal food tasting and preferences might varies depending on individuals.

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  1. Hi~ Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hehe. Wow!!!! The food really look amazing! Especially the Quattro Stagioni Pizza! I’ve tried googling the locations for Capri restaurants in Malaysia but there’s only one in Lumut, Perak. Urgh!

  2. Rebecca: yeah… good luck!

    Angel: The locals there claimed they have the best pizza in Lumut.

  3. heyyyyyyyyyyy! nice oneee! i always pass by this but i didn’t go in. because everytime go back sitiawan have to eat homecook food. next trip definitely must try!

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