April 12, 2024


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Ayam Penyet at Waroeng Penyet The Curve

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I heard quite a bit about this ayam penyet. In fact there’s a time when I wanted to try it, they were closed. As time passed by, many good reviews were heard about them.

Few weeks, me and Jason decided to pay this Indonesian restaurant a visit.

Its located at the first floor near the bridge towards Ikano Power Center (Map below).


I ordered the infamous ayam penyet for RM 7.90. The flattened fried chicken was quite tiny though. The chicken was crispy but dry. It came with sambal and something similar to fried beancurd. It goes well with the sambal, but I still find it a bit too dry.

ayam panggang

Jason ordered the ayam panggang (grilled chicken) for RM 7.90 also. Again chicken slightly small in size. The chicken is juicer than ayam penyet, thanks to the sweet black sauce. A little bit of lime juice will add more flavour to the grilled chicken. Better than ayam penyet.

In general, I find the portion is slightly small. Some might need to order side dishes to keep the tummy full. I would prefer the ayam panggang than the infamous ayam penyet. Yet, the price is slightly high for a piece of chicken.





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  1. rebecca: something like that… we went for a quickie after that…

    j2kfm: well, chicken little bit tiny for the price…

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