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Dry Curry Pan Mee at Restoran Hing Ang Brickfields

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This pan mee stall has been a while in Brickfields. It used to be in the restaurant opposite YMCA Brickfields, but since there was a renovation there (new owner probably), the stalls were moved to other places.

I managed to relocate this stall and why not I just blog about it.

This place is easily accessible through monorail. Its located at the 19 & 21, Jalan Thambapillai. Same row with the monorail station. Few steps away from the station.


This where its located now…


The stall…


The lovely pan mee (RM 4.00). The bowl of pan mee came with a generous amount of fried enchovies and minced pork meat. It was decent.


Rachel ordered the dry curry pan mee (RM 4.50). The difference with the usual pan mee is the additional dry curry with chicken and tau fu pok. This was good.

The location of this restaurant would be slightly “unsafe”. Its a red light district area, so coming here would need to be a bit extra careful.

* This few days I had been very busy. Running around for some personal issues that I will blog about it soon. Bear with me, more lovely food posts will be coming soon.

19 & 21, Jalan Thambapillai, Brickfields,
Kuala Lumpur 50470
Wilayah Persekutuan

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0 thoughts on “Dry Curry Pan Mee at Restoran Hing Ang Brickfields

  1. I went to this restaurant for some henghwa (pu tien) food yesterday. Though not all are authentic, some of the dishes were quite tasty.

    Will revisit it for the pan mee. Thanks for the info!

  2. This place is awesome…. the dry curry mee and the dry curry pan mee is the best… really worth every cent… gonna go and have some today…. yum yum….

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