July 21, 2024


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Shopping @ Kuta Beach Morning Market

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Shopping @ Kuta Beach Morning Market


One great thing about staying in Kuta was the lovely Kuta beach. The other thing would be the Kuta Beach’s morning market. I was not sure whether the morning market runs daily or just from Friday to Sunday but I was there on a Friday.


The market is located at the Kuta Beach stretch. It was visible from far and it had roughly around sixty to hundred stalls.


There were lots of things were available to shop. From flip flops to earrings, from one piece beach dresses to T-shirts and jeans. It was just another typical Bali market but this one is on the beach.


Yeah, they had local delicacies too! Rachel didn’t allow me of having those as I had a weak tummy.


Stalls items can be discounted and negotiated. It depends on how good is your negotiating skills. It is a worthwhile place to shop when you are in Kuta Beach. Why not? Rachel bought a few dresses at a very reasonable price.


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