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The Beautiful Kuta Beach

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The Beautiful Kuta Beach

Kuta is one of the most popular town to stay in Bali. I stayed near Kuta Beach during the last 2 days of my trip in March. Although we didn’t stay near the beach but we always enjoyed and loved the beach and its scenery. We would walked to the beach whenever we had free time to enjoy ourselves.

Check out the pictures we took below of Kuta Beach!


Sunset at Kuta Beach, we were not there during the peak season, there were not much people there.


Another view of the Kuta Beach.


The breathtaking view of Kuta Beach, look at the clear blue skies.


Surfers enjoying the waves. A usual scene in Kuta Beach.


The Kuta’s morning market on the right facing the Kuta beach.


The beauties of the beach.


Me and Rachel on walking on the beach. We loved the hot weather and the beauty of the beach.

Beach was very clean and the view was breathtaking. Hotels and resorts stretched along this lovely beach. We were surprised to see a morning market near the beach area. During Peak season, the beach will be crowded by tourists. The advantage of staying in Kuta is you can relax at the Kuta beach and also the food and the shopping outlets available.

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