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Galaxy Express 999 Real Life Train in Japan

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Galaxy Express 999 Real Life Train in Japan

For fans of the iconic anime series Galaxy Express 999, the dream of interstellar travel on a majestic steam locomotive has captured imaginations for decades. While traversing the cosmos on a train might remain firmly in the realm of science fiction, a real-life Galaxy Express 999 project once aimed to bring a touch of that fantasy to Japan’s railway system.

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On my recent trip to Kobe, I stumbled upon the Galaxy Express 999 real life train. However there is a twist to it!

Kobe, a bustling Japanese metropolis, isn’t exactly known for its historical locomotives. But nestled amidst the city’s modern marvels lies a fascinating piece of engineering history: the D51-1072 steam engine.

galaxy express 999 Kobe D511072

The D51-1072 belongs to the D51 class, a series of steam locomotives that played a vital role in Japan’s post-war reconstruction. Manufactured in 1943, the 1072 witnessed a period of material shortages due to World War II. Despite this, it went on to serve in Hokkaido, a region known for its harsh winters.

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The 1072 retired in 1975, just before the complete phasing out of steam locomotives in Japan. After a period of storage, it found a new home in Kobe, where it now stands as a testament to a bygone era.

From what I found out from the internet, the D51-1072 seems ‘abandoned’ in Kobe. Recently, it sort of renamed as Galaxy Express 999 real life train maybe to bring it back to ‘life’.

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So, if you find yourself in Kobe, don’t miss the chance to encounter this impressive giant of steam. The D51-1072 may not be a cosmic express, but it offers a journey through time, a chance to appreciate the power and history that lies beneath the surface of this modern metropolis.

galaxy express 999 D511072

Finding this Galaxy Express 999 could be a challenge but I have included the map so you can take some photos with it. The location is at the junction in between Motomachi Train Station and Kobe JR Station. Not many people know about this Galaxy Express 999 real life train aka D51-1072.

The Galaxy Express 999, brainchild of the legendary manga and anime creator Leiji Matsumoto, sparked a project in 2015 fueled by both nostalgia and innovation. The goal? To construct a real-life train resembling the one from the series, complete with a classic steam engine design. This wasn’t just about replicating the exterior; the project envisioned a modernized interior incorporating cutting-edge technology, all while staying true to the spirit of the anime.

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So, dream on, space cowboys! And if you ever find yourself in Kobe, remember, the real adventure might just be waiting around the corner.

Galaxy Express 999 Real Life Train Kobe

Address:Japan, 〒650-0025 Hyogo, Kobe, Chuo Ward, Aioicho, 2 Chome−1 神戸駅東高架下

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