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Sutadon-ya opens at Publika Dutamas

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Sutadon-ya opens at Publika Dutamas

Sutadonya, the legendary Japanese chain known for its supersized, garlicky pork bowls, has arrived at Publika Dutamas. This exciting new addition brings a taste of Japan to the heart of the city, offering a unique and flavorful dining experience.

sutadonya publika

The Legend of Sutadonya

Sutadonya, which translates to “crazy garlic bowl,” has taken Japan by storm with its signature dish: the “Stadon.” This dish features heaping portions of tender, marinated pork bathed in a secret garlic sauce, served over a bed of fluffy white rice. The secret lies in the sauce, a potent and flavorful blend of garlic, soy sauce, and other spices that packs a serious punch.

sutadonya LUNCH MENU

They have relocated from Lot 10 and I recently went to check out their food and ordered:
✔ Tokyo Sutadon Lunch set
✔Tokyo Beef Steak Set Meal
✔The Fried Chicken & Katsu Curry Set
✔White Ramen Set

Whether you’re a seasoned garlic aficionado or simply curious about the hype, Sutadonya Publika is definitely worth a visit. With its bold flavors, generous portions, and casual atmosphere, it offers a unique and satisfying dining experience. So grab your chopsticks and get ready for a legendary garlic adventure!

sutadonya rice bowl
Tokyo Sutadon Lunch set

Famous stamina bowl. Thin sliced pork and add raw egg to mix it together. If you order the lunch set, it comes with salad and soup. Love the generous portion of the sliced pork and its savoury flavor.

sutadonya BEEF
Tokyo Beef Steak Set Meal

Honestly, this is a huge surprise as I never thought to have such a good quality beef steak. The beef steak is cooked to perfection and it well seasoned, will come back for this.

sutadonya curry
The Fried Chicken & Katsu Curry Set

Combination of fried chicken and chicken karage katsu curry set. A perfect example of Japanese style curry rice done right.

sutadonya white ramen
White Ramen Set

This is new to their menu, the white ramen set and it didn’t disappoint. The broth is light and tasty while the noodles is springy / al-dente. A warm bowl of white ramen for the hungy tummy for sure.

The food here is really up to expectation while the food prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend the Tokyo Sutadon Lunch Set and the Tokyo Beef Steak Set Meal. 🔥

Honestly, I don’t mind come back for their food. 🥰

The Grand opening is 5th July with Opening Promo 20% Off until 15th July

Sutadon-ya Publika
Address: A2-G2-2, Publika Dutamas, 1, Jln Dutamas 1, Publika Dutamas

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