May 29, 2024


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5 Layers of Beef Burger @ Wendy’s Pepper Stacker Media Launch, Jaya One

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Thank you Wendy’s for the media invite. I almost ran late for it as I was caught with a meeting earlier on.

Well then, what’s this Pepper Stacker is all about?

Pepper Stacker - Only RM4.99!

Basically you customize the burger up to 5 stacks from the original 2 stacks.

Pepper Stacker - Stack it up!

Well, since I’m “kiasu” enough, I stacked it to 5 stacks!

After the media briefing, we were given an exclusive tour to the kitchen of Wendy’s. Due to some of their secret recipes, we were not allowed to take any photographs of it.

We were shown the process of cooking the Pepper Stacker burger. Each single beef patty was cooked by a “chef” and then dipped into the thick pepper sauce. They were using the square flat pan to cook it, similar to those at Ramli burger stalls. I wonder whether did they hire the “chef” off those stalls.

After the short brief tour, I could wait anymore for my Pepper Stackers with 5 beef patties! I named it as Pepper Stacker 5 stacks!

wendys set

My custom made burger!


Checked out the size of this! Generously with lots of hot pepper sauce!


Its kinda sloppy as there’s 5 stacks of beef patties. You have been warned!


I know its a bit gross but you can easily the 5 layers of beef patties.

Someone asked me whether was it juicy or not? The answer was yes. The beef was tender and as each single beef patty was dipped into the pepper sauce, it was very juicy and hot. Ya, almost for the sauteed onions as well. Anyways, I loved it!

This is my first time I had a 5 layers of beef burger. I’m proud of it!

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