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Yishensu One Utama Vegetarian Connoisseur

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Yishensu One Utama Vegetarian Connoisseur

Fancy vegetarian cuisine? How about a vegetarian connoisseur? Yishensu is the place you should be or maybe the name will bring a bell. Originated from Perak, Yishensu is not a new startup but an expansion to Klang Valley. One Utama is one of their new branches while there is another Yishensu in Klang.

The restaurant is located at the old wing of One Utama, beside Canton-I and opposite of TGIF.


You will be greeted with their smiley staffs and the first impression is it very cozy and comfortable.


I loved the warm lights, a very nice setting for dining…


We were welcomed with a 4 dishes platter as starter. The platter came with “Cola” Flavoured Spare Ribs” (middle), Golden Prawn with Mayo (left), Cuttlefish with Satay Sauce (right) and Shark Fin’s Omelette (behind). Please bear in mind, all of the above were not meat, they were made using fiber and sources of vegetables.

The “Cola” flavoured spare ribs surprised me. The taste and the texture similar to a real meat. It was tender and very well flavoured with “cola”. This was very good.

Golden prawn with mayo had the same effects as well. It tasted as if there’s a prawn inside when I took my first bite. Not to mention, the skin was crispy. Addictive!

Cuttlefish with satay sauce. The cuttlefish was not as stiff as the “real” thing, but it was really good.

Shark Fin omelette was very good as well. It felt like having the real thing, without killing the sharks for the fins.


Char Kuey Teow was next. Though without the usual meats, the char kuey teow here was never lacked of the aroma and flavour.

mix vege

Mixed vegetables (RM 18) was a mixture of lotus root, cashew nuts and macadamia nuts. This dish was very light in flavour (not lacked) and its very tasty. The vegetables were very fresh and the addition of cashew and macadamia adds additional crunchiness to the dish. Very healthy dish.


Emperor Beancurd was next at RM 16. The fish meat on top of the beancurd was yet again marvelously tender. The beancurd was good and the paste were flavoury.

dried curry fish

The feast continued with Dried Curry Fish (RM 22). The dried curry fish came with tau fu-pok, brinjal and lady’s finger. The curry was good, not really that spicy and hot, just nice to me.


Claypot Chicken Rice was next. Personally, I would prefer the rice with more sauce. This dish rather common than the rest.

chic chop

Chicken Chop (RM 20) was the only Western Food of the night. Not only the presentation was close to a real chicken chop, it tasted similar as well. The chicken goes very well with the sauce. Chicken chop chop was good good.


I tried lots of vegetarian roast duck / goose before. For teriyaki duck (RM 16) ala vegetarian style was my first time. The duck “meat” was tasty with the teriyaki sauce.

pineapple fried

Well, the pineapple fried rice was next. I loved how they blended the pineapple fried rice with cashew nuts and vegetarian anchovies. This was decent.

nasi lemak

Lastly, we had the Yishensu Nasi Lemak (with curry mutton) at RM 9. The rice was cooked with milk rather than coconut. The sambal also surreal. Some said, its better than the real thing. Of course it came also with egg, peanuts, and vegetarian anchovies. The curry mutton was amazing. Few agreed the curry mutton could be the star of the night.


When we thought the feast was over, we were so wrong. We were then served this magnificent Pumpkin Sweet Corn Soup (RM 4.80). The soup was a mixture of pumpkin and sweet corn to a creamy orange colour soup. Recommendable!

sea coconut

Finally, we ended the vegetarian feast with a sea coconut (RM 4.80).

I would personally like to thanks Catherine and Jason of Yishensu for the amazing feast. Yishensu has a few outlets with the original outlet opened in 1987 at Kampar, Perak. With such vast experience in vegetarian food industry, we were told that ingredients have changed from time to time. All the dishes cooked in Yishensu were MSG free so you don’t get thirsty after meal.

In general, the foods there were very good. Pricing were slightly high due to the high cost of vegetarian ingriedents. The place was very comfortable and cozy. Service was good.

Yishensu One Utama Vegetarian Connoisseur Address and Contact:
Yishensu -A Vegetarian Connoisseur (1 Utama)
One Utama Shopping Mall (Old Wing)
Lot G207 (Ground Floor)
No 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama
48700 Petaling Jaya
Telephone : 03 77294313

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