November 30, 2023


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Japanese Dinner @ Nippon Yataimura, One Utama

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Like many married couples or dating couples, finding a place for dinner has never been easier. When it comes to food, my wife would say “…anything, you decide”. But when I suggested for a few places she would say “…how come you don’t know what I love to eat?” So then, up to today probably no scientist would understand why the ladies like to ask what to eat when they already know what they wanted to eat.

Anyways, lately we realized something we had in common. Japanese foods. As we were looking for one, we bumped to a Japanese restaurant that we haven’t been there for ages, Nippon Yataimura.


I loved the interior. I showed this exact picture to a Japanese friend and she wouldn’t believe this is in Malaysia. It has a very authentic Japanese feelings.

salmon skin

The fried salmon skin came first (RM 5.00). Salmon skin was crispy and soaked with the lemon juice blended very well with Japanese mayo. Fattening but yummy!


Spider roll was next (RM 18). Presentation of the food was slightly off but the sushi was okay. Fried soft shell crab and cucumber was rolled with Japanese rice and topped with fish roe and Japanese mayo. This was decent.

chic nanban

Chicken Nanban at RM 12. Chicken coated with egg was deep fried and creamed with mixture of Japanese Mayo. This was decent.

hotate scallop

Hotate aburi yaki was priced at RM 12. Raw scallop was lightly grilled. The scallop was very fresh and tender. The taste was very natural, very much dependent on the freshness of the scallop.

salmon head

The waitress there were recommending the spicy salmon head to us. They told us it was very good. They even discounted it to RM 12 for us to try. Well, the salmon head was decent. Coated with the spicy sauce, the salmon head never lacked of flavour.


We forgotten we ordered the baked potatoes (RM 5). Even though its nicely baked and topped with butter, we didn’t manage to finish this. We were too full.

In general, the food was decent. Service was good and the pricing was okay for shopping mall. I loved the interior.

Lot LG-352, Lower Ground Floor,
1 Utama
Tel: 03-7727 8389


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