March 31, 2023

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Butter and Pumpkin Crabs at Taste Good Restaurant, Puchong

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Beancurd with pumpkin sauce was my first time. A great applause for the chef for the creativity with the “sauce making” and it blended well with the beancurd. Taste was quite unique, something new.

As you may noticed, the crabs were not out yet and we ordered additional la la in superior soup. One might amazed how much food we foodies (food bloggers) can eat, we simply loved to eat, responsibly. La la in superior soup was decent.

The crabs were finally here. We had the crabs with “kam hiong” style. The fresh Sri Lankan crabs cooked fragrantly with the thick sauce. Appetizing savory dish!

The star of the day was no other than the crabs with butter and pumpkin sauce. The thing that amazed me was the “seeds” that came together with the pumpkin sauce. The seeds was happened to be the butter! The chef explained to us that he needed to cook the butter to “seed” like size first and then cooked with the pumpkin sauce. The combination was a mouthwatering sauce that blended well with the Sri Lankan crabs. Words couldn’t describe this mouthwatering dish. Recommended dish!

The feast ended with some uniqueness of our own. Wine with chinese tea cups. We were there to welcome back Chris and Christine of

It was also my second time meeting Ai Wei.

The group picture of foodies with huge bellies. (Pai Seh).



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