February 27, 2024


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Hungry Ghost Festival @ Puchong

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On Friday night, we were in Puchong for a family dinner. The place is located nearby the Tesco Puchong. We came across this huge Hungry Ghost Festival ceremony. It was quite a scene, a stage and lots of “offerings” were there.

Since I brought my camera, I took a few pictures. I know my mom would scold me for this. We are quite forbidden to do so as it’s not nice to take such pictures.


Offerings for burning…


The ritual starts…


The concert for the “invited”, that’s why the front row seats were not taken.

0 thoughts on “Hungry Ghost Festival @ Puchong

  1. This festival is really an eye-opener! I’ve been to many, just to enjoy the festival and the traditions. But then, I still do not understand the need of hiring those performers.

  2. You sure everyone in the photo is human being?

    Very easy to get something else in photo at such a place and occasion leh…

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