May 21, 2024


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Live Blogging: Hello Bangkok! Amazing Thailand, Amazing Taste Day One

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Thank you TAT (Tourism Association of Thailand) for the special invitation. After reaching Bangkok late afternoon via Thai Airways, we (me and other media representatives) were greeted warmly at Amari Watergate Hotel at Pratunam. The room is amazing and also their above par services (will blog about it later).


I wasted no time and went shopping at Platinum Mall. Together I was join by a few new friends. We shopped till evening.

I bought lots of stuffs for Rachel, she would be happy to see her gifts when I returned soon. For dinner, we were treated at Henry J. Beans for a 4 course meal.


After the meal, we went to Khao San for a short walk. Chilled around there for a bit and returned to hotel.

That’s all for today, more interesting things coming soon!

Thanks for reading! – Wilson Ng

0 thoughts on “Live Blogging: Hello Bangkok! Amazing Thailand, Amazing Taste Day One

  1. eh..really bought me alot of stuff??..tai sek!! cant wait to see wut u get me n pls dont forget those i want u to get me ok…luv u

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