Tue. Jun 25th, 2019

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Restoran Yik Kee at Karak

A few months ago, I was invited to Karak for a durian feast. Read more about it HERE.

This was my first time to Karak town. Yik Kee located at the main road, its quite impossible to miss it.


Yik Kee is passed down to third generation now and they are still doing good at it. Well, for this occasion, the food is cooked exclusively to us by their third generation owner, Ah Chee. To our understanding, he can cook even though he usually manage one of the chain restaurants. So can the boss cook?

12 thoughts on “Restoran Yik Kee at Karak

  1. Nice one pal! I remember those days when i was small, my family used to drive down to KL from Kuala Terengganu every school holidays.

    It’s always the same restaurants for the trips and we enjoyed it nonetheless. journey starts after lunch in KT, will reach Kemaman about 2-3pm, where we stopped by the famous Kemaman Hainanese Coffeeshop for coffee break. Next will be Yik Kee for dinner about 6-7pm, they cook really nice food, and have been there ever since i recognise my way to KL. ๐Ÿ™‚ if you ever have the interest, there’s a shop (resraurant) at the end of the same row with Yik Kee that sells seremban siew pao, which are quite nice. ๐Ÿ™‚

    then all the way to KL!

  2. Looks great and tasteful the food pic that shown. Everyone can’t wait to try it up. I was first time been there on my Sept Terengganu trip with my friends. We drop by there during our journey back to KL. Firstly i walked in to the shop i saw alot of dessert, i falled in love buy 4 items and ask boss to kila before i sit down. Wonder price is different when i had notice. Realize they charged extra. Later i count back i check again only know their mistake but the way they respond me very rude, i think they all need to send to attend manner class training. I will not pay visit no next time.

  3. Shit!!! ….d service damn 1 kind & the cashier attitude is damn idiot…i swear will never ever visit the worst shop in Karak town or rather Pahang state.

    we were served with unsole tarts and pies that we did not even ordered for it

    do not ever simply use the extra plate as u will be charged blindly!!!

    *Comment has been edited*

  4. The service really sucks. The boss & worker there really got attitude problem. Need to send them to study BAHASA MORAL actually.
    The Food is nice just their attitude very bad.

    We never visit this shop anymore.

  5. Ken: Me 2 man!

    Xin: U sure ur house can grow?

    J2kfm: Reviewed that, post upcoming soon!

    Lanvin: Nice experience there!

    Malaysia-Asia: thanks for reading!

    Khim: Noted, and I informed them.

    CGTAN: Noted, and I informed them as well.

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