March 22, 2023

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Pan Mee @ Fancy Mee Corner, Jalan Ipoh

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Interesting enough, they fried the pan mee to snack like food. This finger food priced at RM 2.50. Good to order this to munch while waiting for the noodle.

Cute little fried wan ton came with 8 pcs at RM 3.20.

The dried chilli pan mee priced at (R) RM4.90 (L) RM5.60. With egg, minced meat, anchovies, fried shallots and dried chilli, this was as good as it gets.

For those who loves the traditional pan mee with soup, try Mum’s Pan Mee at (R) RM4.90 (L) RM5.60. Instead of using the usual ingredients such as minced meat, they offered meat ball and their famous “fried fish cakes” (on the spoon).

The pan mee feast continued with spring onion pan mee at (R) RM4.90 (L) RM5.60. Soup based pan mee with generous amount of spring onion. Something different than the usuals.

Dried braised pan mee at (R) RM4.90 (L) RM5.60. Dry version of pan mee, another version to cater those that prefer dry than soup based.

The lunch was really packed with innovative types of pan mee. Instead of going places to try, Fancy Mee Corner has almost everything in package. Price was reasonable and service was okay.

Thank you again Sid for the invitation. It was quite some Pan Mee!

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8 thoughts on “Pan Mee @ Fancy Mee Corner, Jalan Ipoh

  1. They got a branch at Wangsa Maju too…do tried on their pan mee during college time..not bad..^o^..but haven't try on their fried pan mee yet…got chance will try on this..

  2. lotsa noodle house like this mushrooming around hor?.. 🙂
    pan mee fever nowadays 😉
    food looks good here tho ^^

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