February 1, 2023

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Foochow Kompia (Bagel) and Rojak at Song Kheng Hai Food Court Kuching Sarawak

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Foochow Kompia (Bagel) and Rojak at Song Kheng Hai Food Court Kuching Sarawak

Recently we traveled to Kuching for the first time and we tried Sarawak’s Best Kolo Mee at Sin Yong Hin Cafe,新荣兴茶室 for the first time and we loved it.

After Kolo Mee, we went for another authentic Sarawak food. It was the Foochow Kompia or Foochow Bagel.

For one of the best place to have authentic Sarawak food in Kuching, we went to Song Kheng Hai Food Court. At Stall no. 7 Rihga, we ordered a few of Foochow Kompia and a plate of Sarawak’s version of rojak.

The FooChow Kompia is bagel like bun with sesame seeds with fillings of char siew (minced pork) in the middle. There are also versions of FooChow Kompia with different fillings such as stew pork, chicken and kaya (coconut jam). The bun was tougher than I thought but then I bet the fresh ones were much better. Nevertheless it was still an addictive snack and for RM 0.70 (US$ 0.20) each, we have no complains.

Then, we also tried Kuching’s version of rojak. It was almost exactly the same with the fruit rojak we have in Kuala Lumpur. Freshly cut fruits mixed together with thick sweet prawn sauce and topped with peanuts. This is one of Malaysia’s original foods.

Stall No. 7 Rihga, Song Kheng Hai Food Court Address:

Jalan Pandungan, Kuching


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