April 1, 2023

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Steamboat Buffet Foodies Gathering at Grand Steamboat Garden, Taipan, USJ

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My first ever visit to Taipan for food was the steamboat buffet foodies gathering happened a few months ago. Thanks to Eden, for organizing the dinner and the venue.

The restaurant itself wasn’t hard to located. It’s just a few steps away from Las Carretas, the popular Mexican restaurant.

The place itself was bright and clean. Very organized and doesn’t look like the conventional steamboat  buffet. Not to mention it’s fully air conditioned and pork free.

The other uniqueness of the place was the usage of conveyor belt. Identical to sushi conveyor belt system, this was my first time seeing a steamboat restaurant using such system.

Portion for each item was relatively small for customers to enjoy more variety of foods. They also label their dishes accordingly, very systematic.

Can you spot Christine?

Hygienic is always an issue for steamboat lovers. Some might not enjoy sharing a pot among friends. For such, Grand Steamboat Garden offered a pot per person steamboat. No need to fight for spaces or which soup for the pot. Everyone has one. Fair to everyone.

There were various choices of sauce to cater different type of customers depending on their taste.

Choices of Sauces:

* Spicy & Sour

* Green Chilli

* Belacan

* Satay

* Tom Yam


* Signature

Like usual, I chose the signature soup.

Rachel loved the hot and spicy Tom Yam.

Not to mention the different types of sauces available!

Set your own temperature. Hot or cold, you decide.

12 thoughts on “Steamboat Buffet Foodies Gathering at Grand Steamboat Garden, Taipan, USJ

  1. ken: yeah, u shud come

    christine: very obvious rite?

    ai wei: yes, u missed it again!

    minchow: shud meet u one day

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